Book Review- God Is A Gamer By Ravi Subramanian

Ravi Subramanian has managed to do something that till date no other author has been able to do to me- sit straight and finish a book in one go. Well, yes. I take quite some time before I manage to finish a book that too in one go. Moreover, if you have a five month old baby to take care of then finishing a book becomes quite a task. 

Lets get down to the book now. The book begins with a discussion between two corporate honchos. After a year, the US Government is shaken by the Wikileaks exposure and Bitcoins come in to the picture. As you flip the pages, lots happen. An explosion kills a bureaucrat, a close aide of the US President; this leads FBI into a mad chase.

Meanwhile, back in India, things are taking their own course; a prominent banker dies after slipping from the rooftop of a building in the middle of a party. A small gaming company, Indiscape run by Aditya Rao and his friend Sundeep gets on the world map after Varun, Aditya' long lost son, joins them and turns its fortunes around.

Simultaneously, an online portal is flourishing by the day and run by the dark currency, called the Bitcoins is turning people's life upside down.

This and a lot more, God Is A Gamer is a roller coaster ride with many surprises and shocks in equal amounts. The book has several characters, each telling a different story of their own but in the end having a link to each other in one or the other way. What the author gives its readers is a book filled with surprises at the end of every chapter. Once you hold the book, you want to jump to the next chapter in order to know what's going to happen next. 

The book is filled with thrilling elements. chapters are small and easy read. Characters are entwined together toeleave the readers guessing about whose done what. Barring a few editorial or proofing errors, the book overall provides vivid explainations to the world of banking, phishing scams, Bitcoins, gaming world and much more. It does lose the plot a bit when it comes to Bitcoins as it delves more into the world of gaming but the climax of the story comes to the rescue. That's not all. When you feel that the story is all over, comes the real climax. A lot like what you would witness in a movie. 

As I finished the book, what I could picture was actually the episodes as they were unfolding in each chapter. I couldn't help but finish each chapter as soon as possible to know whether I had been guessing right all throughout. 

Overall a must read for one of those lazy afternoons or weekends. Happy Reading!

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